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Celebrate your baby's first encounters with Geekdom!

Forget your baby's first tooth, steps, and words! The Geek Baby Book captures all the details that would make any video game playing, fantasy-loving parent proud. Featuring character sheets, superpower quizzes, and even instructions for a Cthulhu sock puppet, this book inspires you to record the memories that truly matter in a 0-level human's life. Each interactive page encourages you to create a unique snapshot of your baby's first years--one that the whole family will love when the little geek-in-training levels up.

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Life of the dead

“The sky was the color of phlegm shot through with black blood, there was a haze that obscured the horizon, and he couldn’t quite tell where the sun was. Their suits began feeding them information about what they were looking at, the composition of the atmosphere, landmarks, pathways, waypoints; but still, it took the couple almost a full minute to understand what they were seeing.

Harlan’s first impression was that of seaweed deep under the ocean, huge tattered grey leaves that swayed to some occult ocean current. Harley’s first thought was of a conquered army, defeated and haunted by defeat.

Arrayed before them was a vast meadow of corpses, standing upright, dressed in filthy rotting clothes and staring blankly ahead.”

The above is an excerpt from a short story of mine, Zombie Zoo, that’s published in Martinus Publishing’s Science-Fiction Horror anthology The Life of the Dead.

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all-action classics: the odyssey

Welcome the next entry in the fabulously received and brilliantly created ALL-ACTION CLASSICS series. The brainchild of former Marvel Comics artist Ben Caldwell, these graphic novels are the freshest, coolest approach to the classics ever. Each one takes a famous work of fiction and translates it into a kid-friendly comic book narrative—with full-color illustrations and a fast-paced tone that will have even reluctant readers flying through.

Shipwrecks, angry gods, magical lands, beautiful nymphs, and siren songs: this vivid retelling of Homer’s legendary Greek epic follows Odysseus on his long, arduous journey home from Ithaca after the fall of Troy. Done in comic-book style, it features the highest-energy kid-grabbing details and plot twists, all dramatized in brilliant, action-packed images. It’s the perfect way to introduce kids and fans of graphic novels to one of literature’s great works.

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